I am interested in finding, seeing and documenting the intimate and the supernatural elements, already present in our ordinary reality, but not so visible to the distracted eye.

I am looking for an ideal symmetry between what exists and what is veiled but still exists, being challenged by the possibility and the impossibility of documenting this ideal perfection.



Aziza Vasco was born in Fiesole, a small town on the hills close to Florence.

Even though she’s spent most of her life in Milan, she has always felt a sense of belonging to the countryside.

She discovered photography during a trip in Brazil.

She was studying Literature and decided to change and enroll for a photography course at IED in Milan.

She continued her studies moving to Florence where she attended the degree in Visual Arts and Photography at LABA University.

After attending an MA in Photojournalism at ISFCI in Rome, she started working with Francesco Zizola as his assistant at 10b Photography.

Once back to Milan, she’s began her work as a freelance photographer, assistant, and also retoucher for design, architecture and fashion alongside working on her personal projects.

She collaborates as a retoucher with the milanese company Officinaotto.

Publications and exhibitions includes Perimetro, Street Art Exhibition (City after the city, XXI Triennale International Exhibition, Milan), Lotus International, Life Framer (collective exhibition in London and in Juraplatz, CH), ManInTown, Domusweb.